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AspDotNetStorefront Add Ons Continuing Construction!

Version 10 Add-ons Underway! Some now available!

Keeping up with our e-commerce partners AspDotNetStorefront is a challenging and exciting for us all! Pardon our dust while we are under construction continually with the latest, greatest versions of the add-ons. While we know it takes some time, and we all hate to wait, we want to be sure we're adding in support for all the new enhancements of AspDotNetStorefront, as well as making the add-ons better while we upgrade. Thanks for your patience, and keep an eye out for new versions being added all the time.

Fulfillment By Amazon to Avalara Avatax Connector

Sellers using Amazon FBA, are you ready to work with Avalara to be certain you’re in compliance with sales tax law? ALP, an Avalara development partner, is here to help you face this challenge. We listened to those of you who are looking for an easy way to use your FBA information to upload your orders and shipping information to Avalara and let them take the guesswork out of compliance for you. Learn More

Price: $99.00 

Vibe Trib Attributes + Filtering + Sort + Search

Responsive Bootstrap Support Now Available! Fantastic UI upgrade includes sorting, paging and filtering without reloading the page. Set up your own unlimited list of attributes for products - from fabric and sheen to color and width, you determine the attributes. Your customers will then be able to narrow their results by attributes. Looking for shirts that are "long sleeve" "cotton" "medium" and "blue?" No problem. 9.4 and 9.5 plus responsive bootstrap compatibility available now! Learn More

Price: $299.00 

Vibe CMS

Whether you are building a small website from scratch or redesigning a large corporate website, the Vibe CMS will provide the content management solution you need to get the job done. If you already have a firm developing your website, they can download and implement the Vibe CMS. If you need a website development firm to implement the Vibe CMS for you, we can do that too. Learn More

Price: $299.00 

Promo Add On for AspDotNetStorefront

Highly configurable "buy this get that" promotions module. This was the first type of add on available of its kind, and continues to improve to support your promotions needs. Auto add to cart, trigger with coupons or without, multistore support, customer levels, and more! Learn More

Price: $499.00 

Variant Product Selector Add On for AspDotNetStorefront

Now in! Responsive support now available for 9.4.2 and! This add on is specifically for the product details page, allowing the customer to select their options from a list of dynamic attributes that you establish. Ultimately, a single variant is chosen and added to cart. Learn More

Price: $249.00 

Attribute Product Selector Add On for AspDotNetStorefront

A sophisticated yet practical approach to upgrading your product details page for products with lots of configurable options. Use this add on in "build to order" or similar situations where the selectable options are not inventoried parts. Specifically for the product details page, the APS add on allows configuration of unlimited attributes and supports dependencies, down & up charges at the global level, granular control of down & up charges at the product level and beyond. Learn More

Price: $249.00 

Rejoiner App for AspDotNetStorefront

1. Install the Rejoiner AspDotNetStorefront add-on into your store 2. Start capturing partial forms, abandoned carts & completed orders 3. Customize & deliver personalized cart abandonment emails. 4. Track & optimize your campaign with email & conversion analytics. Learn More

Price: $0.00 

Banner Rotator Add On for AspDotNetStorefront

Want to keep your content fresh? It's easy to do with the Banner Rotator add on. Simply assign any entity or home page an image and optionally a URL and alt text, and the add on does all the rest for you. Learn More

Price: $99.00 

AJAX Quick Order/Bulk Order Add-On for AspDotNetStorefront

The alpVibe AJAX Quick Order/Bulk Order Add-on makes it fast and simple for repeat, bulk-purchase, and wholesale customers to add dozens or even hundreds of items to their cart at once. Instead of customers clicking through countless pages to find what they need, the Quick/Bulk Order Add-on’s clean interface and intelligent “as you type” autocomplete search functionality requires only a quantity and full or partial SKU to place an item in the cart. Because the feature is fully AJAX-enabled, customers aren’t forced to wait for the page to refresh between adding items, further increasing... Learn More

Price: $99.00 

alpVibe AJAX In-Stock Notification Add-on

Re-capture customers who abandoned your site because the item they wanted was out-of-stock at the time. The alpVibe AJAX In-Stock Notification Add-on makes it simple for shoppers to request notification directly from the product page when an out-of-stock item is back in stock. AJAX functionality prevents unnecessary page loads and reduces shopper frustration, while full automation sends the notifications without any additional administrative effort as soon as inventory for the item is set to a positive value. Learn More

Price: $149.00 

Bulk Pricing Updater Add On for AspDotNetStorefront

Update pricing across the entire store effortlessly. A convenient Restore Point feature allows the backup of all price data for both safety and time saving. Supports management of Price, Sale Price, MSRP and Cost fields. This utility is more full-featured and intuitive than other bulk price utilities available. Learn More

Price: $59.00 

Product Compare Add On for AspDotNetStorefront

When browsing or searching for products - especially for those with a lot of specs, the Product Compare add on allows the customer to check off a few products of interest and then see them lined up next to each other for comparison. Learn More

Price: $179.00 

Merchandising Icons Add On for AspDotNetStorefront

A simple utility to allow the publishing of promotional images along side of products such as "New Item," "Hot Seller," or "Great Gift Idea." What the icons represent and say is up to you, this add on simply provides you the ability to merchandise your products better. Learn More

Price: $99.00 

AspDotNetStorefront Avalara AvaTax Connector for ML8

Absolutely FREE AspDotNetStorefront Connector for ML8 You can now integrate End-to-End Sales Tax Automation from Avalara with your AspDotNetStorefront ML8. Avalara eliminates the hassle of managing sales and use tax complexities for businesses of all sizes through its web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) technology. Now offering a canned integration with AspDotNetStoreFront, Avalara provides the easiest, most accurate and affordable way for businesses to address all of their statutory sales and use tax requirements from end-to-end. Learn More

Price: $0.00 

Training Sessions

Alynnlee now offers one-on-one training sessions for any product listed on our site, as well as AspDotNetStorefront and select Vortx Add-ons. You will be paired in 1 hour increments with one of our lead developers. Learn More

Price: $100.00 

Alynnlee/Vibe Customer Support Ticket – Level 1

Purchase support tickets for support from one of our experienced developers to assist with general website/programming support or for assistance with Vibe Commerce Add-Ons. Bug fixes are provided at no charge for 30 days from date of purchase. Learn More

Price: $190.00 

Alynnlee/Vibe Customer Support Ticket – Level 2

Purchase support tickets for support from one of our experienced developers to assist with general website/programming support or for assistance with Vibe Commerce Add-Ons. Includes twice as many development hours as our standard support ticket. Bug fixes are provided at no charge for 30 days from date of purchase. Learn More

Price: $300.00 

Vibe CMS Support 1-Year Subscription

Purchase support and upgrades annual license for the Vibe CMS. Support license includes 5 incidents per year with free upgrades! Learn More

Price: $600.00